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Are kitchen sinks worth refinishing?

Over the years the trend has been to have undermounted kitchen sinks. Theses kitchen sinks are usually undermounted to quartz or granite solid surface countertops. This is done by adhering the sink to the underside of the counter prior to being installed on top of the cabinets.

Out of all the kitchen and bathroom fixtures the sink gets the most use. Pots and pans get dropped in them. Knifes and forks get scratched across them. They...

General Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning Instructions:

For normal everyday cleaning, we suggest the use of a mild soap and water with a soft wash cloth. Do not use scouring pads, abrasive pads or abrasive cleaners as they will dull the surface. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Recommended Cleaners: Formula 409, liquid dish washing soap, Simple Green, Bon Ami, Fantastic, Scrubbing Bubbles...

Lead Poisoning and your tub glaze

Lead Poisoning and Your Tub Glaze.

When I started Renew Kitchen & Bath, I quickly became aware that factory glazed porcelain bathtubs can leach lead. I also noticed that a few companies in the bathtub refinishing industry used this as a way to scare people into getting their bathtub refinished . By refinishing the bathtub the lead glaze gets encapsulated or sealed in by the coating applied to the tub. I noticed that...

How to handle the jet covers when refinishing a jetted tub.

tubjet.jpg When refinishing a jetted bathtub or Jacuzzi there is the question of how to handle the jets.

There are four basic options, each with it's own pros and cons.

1. The jets can be masked off. The benefit is there is no concern about damaging the jets. If the jets are the wrong color or dingy this might not be the best option.

2. Purchase new jets. This is a great option if you can find them and the jets can be removed...

Why can bathmats be bad for your tub?

Being careful not to fall in your bathtub is important, but don't destroy your tub over it.

bath mat rust.JPG Do not leave your bathmats in your tub. It is important to take remove them from your bathtub after use so the floor of the tub can dry out.

By not removing the bathmat after each use will lead to bacteria build up on the floor, etching of the porcelein or enamel and possible rusting of the tub.