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Over the years the trend has been to have undermounted kitchen sinks.  Theses kitchen sinks are usually undermounted to quartz or granite solid surface countertops.  This is done by adhering the sink to the underside of the counter prior to being installed on top of the cabinets.

Out of all the kitchen and bathroom fixtures the sink gets the most use.  Pots and pans get dropped in them.  Knifes and forks get scratched across them.  They get scrubbed with abrasive cleaners.  Within a few years the new sink is starting to look worn.

The average person would think this wouldn't be a problem.  You should be able to just install a new sink.  Many homeowners are now learning it isn't that simple of a solution.  Most of these sinks can only be replaces by removing the existing counter.  When this is done, the counter can potentially crack.  This mistake can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars.

One potential solution is to have the kitchen sink refinished.  On the surface this sounds like a great economical solution.  The only problem is that the coatings that are designed for a high gloss smooth finish will not hold up to the use and abuse the average kitchen sink encounters.  Coatings that would hold up to this are not attractive enought for a kitchen sink.  Think of truck bed liners.

We are a professional refinishing company.  We can make your kitchen sink look new.  It might hold up for how you use your sink.  We belive it is important for you to understand the pros and cons of kitchen sink refinishing.

Feb 7, 2020 By renewkb