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Our Inlay system repaired the crack.

This tub was leaking really bad.  It was reported that water was draining through the cracks into the other rooms of the house.  The owner tried repairing the floor with a DIY caulk.  This would stop the leaking as long as no one stepped in the cracked area.  As you can see by the size of the crack this type of repair would not be a long term solution.

We determined a Nu-Life Inlay System® was the solution to this fiberglass tub  repair problem, because they are made of a non-slip durable new material that will not crack, wear out or delaminate from the applied surface. They are guaranteed to stay permanently adhered to the bottom of the shower due to a process known as fusion. Our adhesive creates an exothermic reaction which permanently bonds the inlay to the bottom of the tub or shower so that the two surfaces become one.

The first step was to take measurements to order the inlay.  The inlay is then computer designed to cover the entire floor of the tub to ensure a custom fit.

Before the inlay can be installed the tub floor needs to be prepared.  This is accomplished by though cleaning of the surface, then sanding the area the inlay will be installed with a high grit sand paper to rough up the surface.  All cracks get bored out to provide a smooth surface.

The area is then masked off to prevent any adhesive from getting on other parts of the tub.  The adhesive is then applied to the tub floor.

The last step involves setting the Inlay in place and rolling all bubbles out.

The tub can be used the next day.

Stop your tub or shower from leaking!

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