Algonquin Countertop Refinishing Process

Algonquin Countertop refinishing for a client in Algonquin.

Algonquin counter needing refinshing

This Algonquin home owner had an existing countertop that was in relatively good shape.  There where areas around the sink that stained easily because of years of scrubbing.  The goal was to give the kitchen a more modern look and to make the counter easier to clean.  Our client chose to go with our Stone Accent line with a high gloss finish.

Algonquin white countertopThe first step in the refinishing process is to prepare the countertop for our coating.  This is one of the most important steps of the process because if not done properly the finish will fail over time.

1.  Clean the counters with an alkaline cleaner to remove any and all grease, dirt and stains.

2.  Sand the counter to rough up the surface.

3.  Repair seams, chips, burn marks or any other damage.

4.  Solvent wipe to remove any dirt or grease that might have been missed.

5.  Mask off cabinets, floors and any other areas that could potentially get damaged during the refinishing processes.

Painting Algonquin counters


Once the counters are properly prepared and everything is masked off the counters are primed with an epoxy primer in the base color of the fleck that is going to be applied.


Left Side Stone Accents


After the primer dries we apply the Stone Accent finish to the countertop.  This is multi colored dimension pattern is designed to mimic a real stone or quartz counter.  We have many color options to choose from.

Stone Accent counter refinishedFinal Left Counter

Brownstone Stone Fleck Accent

Once the Stone Accent is dry, it is sanded to smooth to remove any rough spots out.  A high gloss acrylic urethane is then applied to give the counter a high gloss clear durable finish. 

The final coat finish can be done in high gloss clear or flat clear.  Both clear formulas have an anti graffiti additive added to make the finish extremely easy to clean and stain resistant.

Check out some of our color samples!

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