Schaumburg Bathtub Refinishing

Example of a bathtub refinishing project we did in Schaumburg.

Renew Kitchen & Bath strives to use the best methods and materials available when refinishing a bathtub

DIY Tub refinishing done by client

Two years back the home owner had this bathroom beautifully remodeled.  New vanity, sink, toilet and tile.  They purchased a DIY tub refinishing kit from a local big box store.  While the finish was not as smooth and glossy as a professionally refinished bathtub it was much better looking than the existing pink tub.  The biggest problem was that the finish just didn't have the adhesion and durability that can only be achieved through the professional methods.

Bathtub stripped before refinishing

Step 1:  The old finish needs to be removed with a chemical stripper.  Depending on the quality of the previous finish this can take anywhere between 1-2 hours.  There have been some very rare instances that this procedure has taken 6 hours.  


Bathtub prepared for refinishing

Step 2:  The most important process!  After the tub is stripped or if the tub has never been refinished before we remove all the caulking around the bathtub.  We then use a 4 part cleaning process.

 First, we use an alkaline cleaner to remove all soap scum, body oils and conditions.

 Second, an acidic cleaner is used to deep clean the tub to remove any lime scale, rust or hard water deposits..It is also designed to etch the tub to give the perfect profile for our Silane bonding agent to adhere to.  Our cleaner contains no Hydrofluoric Acid.

Third, we wash the tub down again with the alkaline cleaner.

Forth, the tub is cleaned with a solvent to catch anything we might have missed.

SRS Floor

Step 3:  Apply Silane primer to the tub.  This blend is designed to have both a molecular and mechanical bond to the original tub surface.

Step 4:  Apply SRS Floor.  The Slip Resistant Surface is designed to be like a built in bathmat yet blend with the new tub finish.  This is achieved by mixing a fine polymer into the coating and rolling it out on the bathtub floor.

Refinished Schaumburg BathtubStep 5:  Apply the top coat of Acrylic Urethane.  Normally this consists of three coats.  Depending on the condition, additional coats might be added.  The number of coats applies varies on environmental conditions.  The end goal is to achieve the proper thickness

Step 6: Remove masking and re caulk the bathtub with 100% silicone caulk.