Cultured Marble Vanity top refinishing

Refinishing will fix  chipped, worn or out-dated countertops?

Skokie Vanity Top Refinished with Stone Accents

Renew Kitchen & Bath can repair and refinish your countertop to a  to a modern fresh new look.

Many homeowners wanting the "natural" look and beauty of stone finishes are carefully comparing the proven performance of "Renew Stone"  to expensive granite and stone.

The non-porous finish is highly resistant to acids and stains.  Unlike real stone surfaces, you will never have to recondition or seal your counter.

Renew Stone can be used on a variety of surfaces such as laminate , tile, cultured marble and walls.

You can even give your dated tile surround a stone look while at the same time your grout lines will be sealed.

Most countertops can be refinished in as little as a day.

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