Waukegan Cracked Fiberglass Tub Repair

Repairing the top rail of a one piece tub and surround unit in Waukegan.


The top rail of this fiberglass tub was causing leaking into the unit below.The strength of the top rail was greatly diminished .  The first thing we did was to remove and clean where the silicone repair was done.

We then bored out the crack to remove any loose fiberglass and to open up the crack wide enough to to accept the underside patch.

Filled crack pre tub repairThe patch is then adhered to the underside of the crack.  The adhesive creates a  reaction which melts into the patch and to the  underside of the top rail fusing the two surfaces together.

A polyester glazing putty is then applied to the top of the rail to make it smooth and level.

Waukegan tub is repaired and air brushe

Once the patch is dry and sanded smother it is primed and air brush refinished to match the rest of the bathtub.  Likewise the entire tub could be refinished to have uniform gloss on the whole unit.